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Pie & Biscuit Machine


  • The Kalmeijer pie and biscuit machine - type KTM is suitable for sweet pastry doughs.
  • The machine has a double function, it can produce biscuits and pies.
  • When producing pies, the aluminium or metal dishes are placed in so called formplates.

This universal rotary moulder is suitable for processing sweet pastry doughs and offers you the following possibilities:

  • To make pies in aluminium or metal dishes. These dishes are first provided automatically with a doughslice on the bottom and having after put the filling on the bottomslice, covered with a trellis doughslice on top.
  • To make several kinds of biscuits in different shapes.

Pie dishes

Suitable for pie dishes:


  • Minimum diameter: 160mm
  • Maximum diameter: 235mm
  • Maximum height: 25mm

The form, the model, dimension and thickness for making the bottom and trellis doughslice on top is to your choice.

To transplant the aluminium or metal pie-dishes through the machine, it goes with the help of so called formplates.

After cover the trellis dough slice on top, the pies are baked on normal baking trays.


  • High production output due to adjustable speed, the machine can place pie bottoms or tops from 500 - 1000 pieces per hour.
  • For biscuit depending on size and thickness can process 300kg dough per hour.

Technical details

Width: 560mm Width of baking tray: 250mm
Depth, not in operation: 570mm Heating system: 1000/2000W
Depth, in operation: 1670mm Motor: 0.4KW 230/400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Height: 1230mm Connected load: 2.5KW
Weight: 125kg Cable length: 4 Meter

Kalmeijer biscuit machine - type KGM
Kalmeijer biscuit machine -
type KGM