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Flame Spray Fuse - Hardfacing

Hardfacing Process

Spray fuse coatings consist of a part being pre-sprayed with a powder. The powder is subsequently fused into the parent material using a heating torch or an oven to keep the heat into the part. This technique is often employed where a component requires a hardfacing.

Applications include

  • Thermowells
  • Guide Rolls
  • Agitator Impellors
  • Compressor Rotor
  • Sealing Strips
  • Mono Pump Shafts
  • Mill Hammers
  • Boiler Tubes
  • Grinding Hammers
  • Wear Rings
  • Exhaust Fan Blades

A coated Thermowell
A coated Thermowell

Coating being fused
Coating being fused

Spray fuse boiler tube
Spray fuse boiler tube