Gearbox Inspection Report

When DCL Engineering conduct a gearbox refurbishment, we go out of our way to include you, the customer, in the knowledge and reporting process. It is our aim that you know as mush about your gearbox as we have discovered, and we then provide you with a comprehensive report to detail and record that knowledge. Our actions are transparent at all times, and nothing is hidden from you. You are welcome to visit our premises at a suitable time to view the process, or when your particular gearbox is being stripped, assembled and / or tested. In order that you can maintain records of the refurbishment, DCL Engineering offer you and hard copy as well as a soft copy of the complete report. In fact, we will also put a copy onto our web site in a secure area and allow you a password entrance to your particular reports. This is yet another way where we at DCL Engineering want you to be a major stakeholder in your gearbox refurbishment.


Gearbox Stage 1

  • Shaft diameter measurements
  • Photographs of critical items
  • Gearing details
  • Bearing details
  • Seal details
  • Repair and overhaul requirement instructions
  • Shrink disc (if fitted)

Gearbox Stage 2

  • End float
  • Backlash
  • Gear tooth contact witness marks
  • CMM housing bore measurements
  • Load testing data, bearing temperatures, power, load and vibration analysis data, oil analsyis

Please feel free to make contact with DCL Engineering and have one of our Sales Engineers explain the benefits of using us as your preferred Gearbox Refurbishment company!