Technical Bulletins


For more information regarding gearbox services please contact one of our team at DCL Engineering.

  • Dennis Everard
  • Steve Koen
Date Description
7th February 2009 Why do Gearboxes Fail?
10th June 2009 Gearbox Lubrication
19th February 2009 Fretting Corrosion in Gearbox Hollow Shafts
12th March 2007 Oil Leaks

Surface Engineering

For more information regarding any of the below applications please contact one of our team at DCL Surface Engineering.

  • Peter Cameron
  • Greg Doohan
Date Description
4th January 2010 Pump Refurbishment
4th January 2010 Printing Industry
4th January 2010 Rotary Valves
4th January 2010 Planetary Carrier
23rd April 2009 PTA Compressor Rotor
11th February 2009 Pulp and Paper
4th February 2009 PTA Overlays - A High Performance Armature
29th July 2008 Metal Spraying of Worn or Damaged Bearing and Seal Diameters
4th June 2008 Earthmoving Applications
18th June 2007 Tungsten Carbide Forming Rolls
11th April 2007 High Velocity Coating of Chrome Carbide