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Planetary Carrier

Peter Cameron
4th January 2010


During dismantling of this Planetary Carrier the shaft picked up in the bore, possibly as a result of fretting corrosion. The result was extensive scoring throughout the bore and spalling at the neck. The Carrier was rendered unserviceable. The DCL Engineering Group were able to return the component to 'as new' condition for us, saving time and money.

This Planetary Carrier arrived at our workshop badly scored and showing clear evidence of pick up and spalling.

The bore measuring approximately 310 diameter x 220 deep was pre-machined to remove the damage and return to sound base material.

The machined surface of the bore was prepared for metal spraying by pre-heating to remove any moisture, followed by a grit blasting to remove the oxide film and produce a coarse surface texture.

Upon completion the bore was finish ground and returned to our client for re-commissioning.

Planetary Carrier (pre)

Planetary Carrier (post)

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