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Tungsten Carbide Forming Rolls

Peter Cameron
18th June 2007


With the cost of tungsten escalating to new heights on the global resource market, any alternative method for reduction in running costs of solid tungsten carbide forming rolls is worthy of a listening ear!


A steel blank is rough machined and a 60% tungsten carbide overlay is applied to the outside diameter of the blank to the required thickness. This overlay is applied using powder as the feedstock through a Plasma Transferred Arc System. The overlay is then diamond ground to the required profile.

Benefits of the Tungsten Carbide Overlay Forming Rolls

  • A fraction of the price of a similar solid tungsten carbide roll
  • Locally manufactured for quick delivery and re-grinding
  • Up to 10 times longer life than conventional hardened tool steel rolls before re-grinding
  • Choice of matrix material to combat local conditions such as corrosion from poor quality water
  • Throat diameter remains constant for longer
  • Fewer change-over's and high tonnages
  • Tungsten carbide overlay eliminates pick-up, resulting in better surface finish of the product

This forming roll has been manufactured with a tungsten carbide overlay. It out performs a cast iron roll by up to 10 times!

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